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Legal News Alert: Medical Documents for College Students

As the new school year begins, to the distress of many students, there are a few things that both parents and students should be aware of. When it comes to medical care, there is a maze of laws that can be a challenge for anyone to navigate. Working through legal red tape in a time of crisis is the last thing anyone wants. Consider the following late night phone conversation.

Nurse: Your son is in the hospital.

Us: Oh, my God, why?

Nurse: I can’t tell you.

Us: Which son?

Nurse: I can’t say.

Us: Is he bleeding?

Nurse: I can’t say.

Us: Then why did you call us?

Nurse: I thought you would like to know.

Fortunately, there are two simple steps, that if completed ahead of time, can save everyone the headache and help put a win in the column for common sense.

  1. Durable Medical Power of attorney: Preparation for a worst-case scenario. It remains in effect even if your student becomes incapacitated, giving the parent (s) the authority to make medical decisions in the event that the child is unable to do so.

  2. HIPPA Release Form- This helps keep mom and dad in the loop. Most likely they pay the bills, and often that involves a lot of phone calls to insurance companies and hospitals. A HIPPA release form allows the designated party access to information that can range from the mundane billing questions to where the child is in the hospital.

Please let us know if we can assist you in anyway. Sometimes, the simplest steps can make the biggest difference. Brinks & Associates can help you make these simple steps.

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