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Legal News Alert: Digital Estate Planning

At Brinks & Associates, we understand that the increased development in technological efficiency in the past decade has led to a growing number of people transferring information through the internet. The emergence of online banks, academic institutions, social media, and other information-sharing sites has led us all to develop a wide range of passwords and pin numbers to protect our information from internet hackers.

Unfortunately, these security measures can wall out loved ones and heirs who may be trying to piece together your estate after your death. Through these five simple steps, you can create your digital estate and allow for easy handling of your digital assets upon your passing.

  1. Make a list of all your usernames and passwords – This list should include bank accounts, social media, emails, blogs, stocks, photos, PayPal, utilities, google accounts, YouTube accounts, websites, and any other online database.

  2. Store this information in a safe location. – Secure locations include a safety deposit box, a safe, or an online website such as Legacy Locker.

  3. Name a Digital Executer. – This will be a person who is designated to take care of your digital estate upon your death. This should be a mature person who you can entrust with your digital estate.

  4. Write out instructions for what should happen to your digital estate upon death. – This does not have to include things such as banks and stocks, as these should be addressed by your will. However, your digital executor will need to know your wishes for your social media accounts, as well as any other online accounts or memberships you have.

  5. You can have your digital executor write a final message online for your friends to view. Include this Consider whether you want to post a final message online. – with your instructions

These five steps are a simple way to ensure your digital estate will be managed upon your death without being a problem for loved ones.

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